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Food Stamp Fraud Law

The most common type of recipient food stamp fraud is when you provide false or inaccurate information so that you and your household can obtain  you can obtain Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. A food stamp fraud investigation, can not only put your benefits at risk but you can also face a New York State criminal prosecution and a Federal Welfare Fraud prosecution.

In recent years, New York has taken an aggressive stance on food stamp fraud and have been setting up recipients and merchants on a regular basis.

The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Insurance operates a toll free tip line and extensive online presence for individuals to report food stamp fraud.

How you can commit food stamp fraud in New York?

  • A recipient illegally collects SNAP benefits by falsely reporting the household income. This can be earned income or unearned income.
  • A recipient illegally collects SNAP benefits by having assets that are not disclosed to the Human Resources Administration. This can be bank accounts, property, etc.
  • A recipient illegally collects food stamp benefits by not reporting a change in their household composition. This can be  someone moved into the home or outside of the home.
  • A recipient illegally collects SNAP benefits by not reporting changes in their ongoing shelter cases and/or falsifying  shelter costs.
  • A recipient illegally collects SNAP benefits by claiming they are the custodial parent and are not.
  • A recipient illegally traffics in SNAP benefits by selling their EBT card for drugs or money.

In New York, we have seen instances of bodegas and groceries conspiring with a food stamp fraud recipient to exchange a small amount of money for the benefits in lieu of food. We have seen restaurants and bars accept food stamps when they are precluded from participating in the program.

A retail store owner that is charged with food stamp fraud can be disqualified from participating in the program by the United States Department of Agriculture and prohibited from accepting food stamps in their store.


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