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New York Medicaid Fraud Control Unit 

The New York Medicaid Control Fraud Unit is a single law enforcement entity whose interdisciplinary staff of investigators, auditors,  attorney and administrative staff work full time on combating medicaid fraud in New York. Although New York State administers the MCFU, it is jointly funded on a matching basis with the federal government.  The Federal Government pays 75% of the MFCU’s operating basis New York State is responsible for the remaining 25%. The NY MFCU has statewide authority prosecute criminal welfare fraud cases, and to refer criminal prosecutions as they see fit.

The MFCU has the ability to investigate medicaid funded facilities and to board and care facilities that do not receive medicaid funding. Further, the MFCU is the largest unit within the Attorney Generals Criminal Division. It is New York’s primary vehicle in investigating, penalizing and prosecuting individuals and companies that are responsible for fraudulent medicaid billing schemes. Routinely the MFCU recovers taxpayer money through criminal medicaid  fraud prosecutions by New York hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, nurses, nursing homes, dentists and any other health care entity that bills the medicaid program.

Recently, the MFCU has targeted large scale frauds. These generally have to do with the over billing of medicaid, kickbacks for referrals, the issuance of low quality drugs and durable medical equipment, the organized crime medicaid mills in which lay persons run a clinic and employee doctors and/or dentists. Other smaller frauds that our medicaid fraud lawyers have seen as fraudulent billing by pharmacists, physicians, and other health care providers. Unlike HRA which investigates medicaid recipient fraud, and the local district attorney’s office which prosecute medicaid recipient fraud the MFCU only investigates and prosecutes recipient medicaid fraud if it is conjunction with provider fraud investigations and prosecutions.

New York Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Offices:

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Albany Office
AGENCY Bldg # 2-19
Albany, NY 12207

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Buffalo Office
107 Delaware Ave
Buffalo NY 14202

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Long Island Office

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
New York City Office
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Rochester Office

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Syracuse Office

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Westchester-Rockland Office
1 Blue Hill Plz Ste 1116
Pearl River NY 10965

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