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Office of Medicaid Inspector General

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Office of Medicaid Inspector General

The Office of Medicaid Inspector General is a New York State agency. The HRA is a New York City agency. The Medicaid Inspector General oversees a wider range of issues than the HRA Bureau of Fraud. They work with a range of state and federal agencies and state and federal law enforcement to combat fraud and waste within the Medicaid system. The Inspector General also fields anonymous complaints of fraud or waste.

OMIG’s investigators spend their time and resources detecting welfare fraud schemes, putting an end to unacceptable business practices as it relates to the medicaid program and improving the quality that medicaid recipients receive. The focus of the OMIG office is to identify fraudulent medicaid providers and prevent them from participating in New York State’s medicaid program.  OMIG can initiate administrative actions similar to HRA, as well civil and criminal prosecution. If an administrative action is commenced the provider can be terminated from participating in the medicaid program, excluded from participating in the medicaid program, monetary penalties can be issued, administrative actions for the recovery of medicaid funds, and a suspension of medicaid privileges for a specified period of time. In the event that your matter is referred for criminal prosecution, then the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit will prosecute the action.

Additionally, if you are a provider and are found to have committed fraud, waste or abuse your case will be referred to Office of Professional Medical Conduct, the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, New York State Department of Education, the Office of the Welfare Inspector General, and the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General.

On the provider side, the agency focuses on the misuse of welfare benefits cards, and cases in which the recipient lends or rents out their benefits cards to third parties so that the third parties can obtain medical benefits which they are not entitled to. OMIG works hand in hand with local, state and federal welfare fraud agencies to investigate and prosecute recipients.

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