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Medicaid Fraud Results

Medicaid Fraud Results:
JF – single mom of 2 children. Not working, Not married to father, gets sporadic support for 2 kids. Received SNAP benefits for over 4 years, claim totalling over $21,000. Issue was eligibility and household size because children’s father used her address on paper so HRA believed he was living there and his earnings made them ineligible for SNAP. Settled case for $14,000 and client paid 2k lump sum and signed installment note for 225 per month.

MP – single mom of 3 children, not married to chidren’s father, on and off. Claim was 5 years and over 22k of SNAP benefits. She failed to disclose children’s father and his income, he earned far too much to be eligible for SNAP. Claim reduced to $15,000 with monthly payments of $150 per month.

JW – single woman who received medicaid for 4 years resulting in a claim for over $14,000. She had a steady job and earned too much money to be eligble for medicaid. Reached a settlement deal for $10,000 lump sum payment.

NM – mother of 2 children, legally married but had several separations over the years. She was a graduate student when she applied for medicaid, and her husband’s home was in foreclosure. The husband’s earnings made them ineligible for medicaid. Client and her husband had previously filed for bankruptcy and each received a discharge. The medicaid claim was for over $50,000 over a period of more than 5 years. The claim was reduced to $21,000 and client signed an installment note with payments of $200 per month.

VM – client received medicaid for over 3 years resulting in a claim of $24,000. Client concealed her income when she applied for medicaid. Her high earnings make her ineligible. We agreed on settlement with investigator to avoid criminal prosecution with payments of $100 per month.

RC – mother of 4 children, one with special needs. Client does not work, her second husband was making moderate income when they married, then earned more over time. Client resolved 4 cases. Claim was over $35,000. Reduced claim to $18,764, paying $125 per month.

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