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NY City & NY State Employees & Medicaid Fraud

Over the years our firm has had the privilage of representing numerous civil servants who work for New York City. Generally it is the spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or domestic partner who is targeted a medicaid fraud investigaiton with the Human Resources Administration.

There are a few issues that arrise and are specific to FDNY, NYPD, and the NYC Department of Education employees.

Medicaid Fraud Investigations and NYC Department of Education Employees

If you current work for the NYC Department of Education you will be coordinating with HR Connect Health Benefits regarding your eligibility, enrollment and elections regarding your health insurance. The City of New York provides the actual health insurance coverage to all of the DOE employees. To make things more complicated, the Health Benefits Adminstration unit acts as teh agency’s representative to teh NYC employee health beenfits program. Any new enrollments or changes in enrollment is procssed though the Health Benefits Adminstration.

If you are a member of a union such as DC-37, UFT, CSA then you are likely recieving additional health and welfare benefits. This can include prescription drug insurance as well as other benefits.

If you are a teacher and are eligble for health insurance and choose to recieve medicaid for your family you will be targeted for fraud. You will recieve a letter from a HRA investigator along with a letter from the Department of Education. Our office is avalable 24/7 to discuss this issue with you. We can be reached at (212) 300-5196.

Medicaid Fraud Investigations and FDNY Employees

If you are employed by the Fire Department of New York then the FDNY Office of Personnal provides the coordination of all of the available health insurance benefits for you and your family. This would be the unit that answers all questions regarding Blue Cross, HIP Prime HMO, GHI, Oxford, US Healthcare, Vytra and Signa. They would be able to detail the type and benefits associated with your health insurance plan and whether FDNY or your Union is the provider of your health insurance.

The health insurance benefits provided by the City of New York covers doctor and hospital visits. The FDNY’s union benefits cover dental, prescription and vision.

If you are a FNDY employee and are eligible for health insurance from the FDNY and/or your union and you choose to have your family covered by medicaid you will be targeted for fraud. Call us 24/7 at (212) 300-5196.

 Medicaid Fraud Investigations and NYPD Employees

There is no cost for basic health insurance through the City Health Benefits Program but other programs require a payroll or pension deduction. There are various riders that individuals can purchase for additional coverage.

NYPD employees are eligible for health insurance if you work a regular schedule with a minimum time commitment of 20 hours a week or your position is expected to last six month’s or more.

If you fit this criteria, and are eligible for benefits for you and/or your family you are not eligible for medicaid for you and/or your family. Even if you are not married, and are not together with the Mother of your children you have a resonsibility to enroll your children on your health insurance. In the event they recieve medicaid benefits, you will be targeted for a HRA fraud investigation. Call us 24/7 at (212) 300-5196.

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